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Liddell/Jardine II

Take it for what it's worth...I have heard from two sources this week about a rematch between Chuck Liddell and Keith Jardine being seriously considered. Apparently Liddell is campaigning pretty hard for the bout. He's been training and wants to fight relatively soon (March or so). A rematch with the loser of Silva/Rampage would also make sense, but neither is likely to be ready or want to fight again before the summer. Liddell does not want to wait that long and is pushing for the rematch with Jardine instead.

No idea what Jardine thinks of it, but I'd guess they could convince him to take it for the right amount. Despite being a legit title contender in the sport's toughest weight class, he has not made or headliner cash yet. Fighting Liddell would give him another chance to be a main event fighter and possibly end the career of an MMA legend. Also, if he came out the winner, he'd be setup for another big fight with one of the top Light Heavyweights.

From a marketing perspective, the UFC could sell the fight very well. Liddell has lost twice to fighters who train with Greg Jackson. Following the last loss to Rashad Evans, there was tons of talk about how Jackson had figured out Liddell. He knew the formula and it worked twice in a row. I'm sure this did not sit well with Chuck. There were also a small minority of Chuck Gaggers who thought he won the fight. Controversy is always a nice sales tool. For Jardine, they could play up his constant underdog status against bigger names (Liddell, Griffin, Vera). This is a chance for him to silence everyone once and for all. (read more)

Sanchez and Stevenson

On February 21, the UFC will return to London, England and we now know Diego Sanchez and Joe Stevenson will face off in the co-main event. Personally, I think the UFC throws around the term "co-main event" way too much. The whole idea of a main event is it's the MAIN EVENT. Calling something a co-main event makes about as much sense as pairing Matt Hamill and Reese Andy in the Octagon.

Anyways, this will be Sanchez's debut at 155 lbs, which is a surprising move since he was a win away from being a contender at 170 lbs. At some point Joe Silva must have sat Diego down and said, "Look, there is no way in hell you're beating Georges. Wanna beat up Joe Stevenson instead?"

I'd go for that deal too. (read more)

Fighter Found Dead

Justin Levens, who has fought for the UFC, WEC, IFL, and other promotions, was found dead in his Orange County apartment along with his wife, Sarah McLean-Levens. Authorities believe it was a murder-suicide, in which Levens first shot his wife than took his own life. Every sport has to deal with tragedies like this and MMA will be no different. A lot of guys get into fighting as an escape from tough lives. From what I've heard about Levens over the years, he always faced problems in his life. This is no excuse for his actions, but it should be a lesson for other fighters who have similar backgrounds that the end will not be pretty if you do not get a hold of your life.

Newsday.com gets the Sub-Zero Award for putting a UFC 92 poll below the death notice.

(Looks like someone finally woke up and realized the placement of their UFC 92 poll below a death notice was a bit odd.) (read more)

Tito Sorta Joins Affliction

Well, we should have know things would not turn out exactly as we thought. It appears the Tito Ortiz free agency saga still has not come to a close. The "big" announcement today turned out to be a dud when it was revealed Ortiz will be on the announcing team for "Day of Reckoning" on January 24th.

As usual, Ortiz was talking like he has tons of option when everyone knows it's down to Affliction or become a trashman. I'm sure having Tito talking over all the fights will drive up those PPV numbers. It's like Affliction has no concept of money. Instead of being prudent in these tough times, they're throwing money around like Pacman Jones. (read more)

Head to Head

The news keeps getting worse for Affliction. First, their supposed partner Golden Boy Promotions scheduled a major boxing match for the same night as "Day of Reckoning" (and only 30 miles away). That was bad enough. Now word has come out Dana White and his cronies will air a replay of UFC 91 "Couture vs Lesnar" on Spike TV that night also. Affliction's first PPV in July faced similar competition when it went head to head with UFC 84 "Ill Will". The ratings for "Ill Will" were better than expected, so I'm guessing UFC 91, which is a much better card, will do quite well.

It might be a good time to sell those "Day of Reckoning" tickets on StubHub. The Affliction Death Watch remains set at one week from today. (read more)

Troops Get $4 Million

According to the press release in my email box, the UFC and Spike TV raised over $4 million dollars with their December 10th "Fight for the Troops" MMA event. It also drew roughly 2 million viewers. I think it fulfilled its purpose. Like most people, I was aware many soldiers come home injured physically and mentally, but watching the show informed me a lot more about Traumatic Brain Injury (or "TBI" as Chris O'Donnell and other celebrities call it). If you'd like to learn more about the cause or donate some cash, check out the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

In other news, Corey Hill's "His leg's crooked!!!" fund has raised $34 so far. (read more)

New Sponsor

I'd like to welcome our newest sponsor BetUS.com to Rear Naked News. As most of you know, I often speak out against MMA sites that are nothing more than billboards for whatever company pays them the most. The reason I am happy to have BetUS.com on board with us is because it is a website I use quite often. Their Sportsbook features just about every sport imaginable (Handball!) and the lines are very reasonable. I highly recommend you check it out and do your MMA Betting there in the future.

If you do open an account, please mention Rear Naked News in the referral section. (read more)

Blabbermouth Tim Sylvia

It must be incredibly annoying to start off an interview by being asked three questions about another fighter. That's exactly the situation Tim Sylvia found himself in when he sat down with Danny Acosta. I don't blame Acosta for this because the public isn't exactly clamoring to hear about Sylvia right now. What else could he have led off with?

Acosta: How do you maintain those washboard abs? (read more)

Ortiz and Affliction

Here we go again...Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz will be at an Affliction press conference this Wednesday in Los Angeles. Affliction better be careful. The last MMA promotion who thought they had Ortiz signed went under like a week later.

Affliction Death Watch is now set at one week from Wednesday. (read more)

Lashley's Debut

Here is the video of Bobby Lashley's MMA debut with MFA. It also features some of the worst announcing I have ever heard (with respect to Billy Packer, Dick Vitale, and the Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy). (read more)

Weird Night

Following one of the most violent MMA events ever, the TUF Finale had big shoes to fill. Rather than go the violent route, it went for a more surprising theme. Both underdogs won in the Finals, Junie Browning looked incredible, and Dave Kaplan came out to "Tenderness" (read into the phrasing as much as you want).

-Looking back I'm not as shocked Nover lost. He was a virtual unknown prior to the show then a couple months later he's got Nogueira and Dana White comparing him to Anderson Silva. Stuff like that can ruin a young fighter who has not dealt with expectations yet. There was also the fact he trained with Escudero on the show, so he probably was not all that worried about the fight. I think he will still be a solid fighter and possibly a great one. His biggest mistake last night was rushing in and not taking his time (during Silva's last bout against Cote, people blamed him of the exact opposite). He clearly had the better stand-up and could have attacked at a distance all night.

-On the flip side, Escudero showed tremendous heart. It reminded me a lot of the first fight between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell. Liddell was the popular pick going into the fight because of his exciting style. Couture countered Liddell's superior striking brilliantly and used takedowns to control the fight. Escudero went with a similar plan. He countered with punches a few times, but mostly it was a series of counter-takedowns that did in Nover.

-Vinny showed again that he lacks intelligence inside the cage. Rather than force Bader into taking him down, he stood with him and ultimately was knocked out. The guy is probably one of the five best jiu-jitsu specialists in MMA, yet he stubbornly refuses to play to his strengths. Prior to the fight he mentioned how his striking had improved and Bader would be surprised. Well, I don't think you surprised him too much, Vin. His trainers need to tape him to a chair and pop in Royce Gracie's fights on an endless loop.

-Before we get Junie Fever, it should be noted that Dave Kaplan is not a top fighter. The only people who seem to think so are Frank Mir and Kaplan. I'd like to see a rematch with Escudero before I proclaim Junie "The Next Anderson Silva". It will also be a test to see how he handles winning his first UFC fight. Coming into the fight he had a lot to prove. How will he handle things when the doubters aren't as loud?

-Jules Bruchez needs to find a new line of work. He might have an excellent work ethic, but his talent is lacking. If someone asked me yesterday what they should do with a trillion dollars, I would have told them to put it on Eliot Marshall.

-Other than Marshall and Junie, the only other non-finals fighter I see sticking around is Krzysztof. He looks cool and has moderate talent, which should translate to 2-3 fights on undercards before he gets cut. (read more)

TUF Finale Predictions

Here are some quick picks for tonight's Ultimate Fighter Finale. I'm not gonna pick any of the non-televised fights because all that would do is pad my prediction record. A retarded monkey could pick those winners.

Phillipe Nover vs Efrain Escudero
-Nover Wins by 1st Rd TKO
Ryan Bader vs Vinicius Magalhaes
-Magalhaes Wins by 2nd Rd Submission
Anthony Johnson vs Kevin Burns
-Johnson Wins by Unanimous Decision
Jason MacDonald vs Wilson Gouveia
-MacDonald Wins by Unanimous Decision
Junie Browning vs Dave Kaplan
-Browning Wins by 3rd Rd TKO (read more)

Babalu vs Sokoudjou

In typical fashion, Affliction "announced" than quickly sorta "unnanounced" a major bout for their January 24th Day of Reckoning PPV. The fight was added to Affliction's website, but they did not bother to officially announce it. This led MMAJunkie to ask Tom Atencio if the fight had been signed and he gave his usual "kinda" answer.
"We're working on it right now. It hasn't been finalized, but we're definitely working on it. They jumped the gun like always. We're finalizing an agreement now. It's just a matter of how many fights and making sure that we all come to mutual agreements."
(read more)

"His leg's crooked!"

For anyone who hasn't seen it, go check out Corey Hill's leg break in half at UFC.com. It's one of the worst injuries I've ever seen. You usually see stuff like this in football. However, there the injury happens on the ground when some one falls onto another player's leg. This was much worse to watch. The picture above makes me think of someone swinging a sock with a bar soap at the end.
This made Al-Hassan's broken arm seem like a unnoticeable zit.

Hill is expected to be out 18 months. (read more)

Fight for the Troops Notes

It turned out to be an interesting show. Here are my thoughts.

-I told you Miller was going to be good. To dominate like that on short notice makes me think two things. First, he is a legitimate contender in the coming years. Two, Wiman was overrated. As to the second point, it all has to do with Thiago Tavares. When Wiman knocked him out, Tavares was seen as a rising star. It seemed like Wiman must be extremely solid to defeat an opponent like that. Well, at UFC 88 against Kurt Pellegrino, we found out Tavares was not as good as we all thought he was. I'm not saying Wiman is a bum of Reese Andy-like proportions. He just isn't at the elite level it seemed.

-Matt Wiman probably should have been disqualified for holding onto Jim Miller's shorts. I'm glad it didn't happen, but it definitely was within reason. He should have at least been penalized a point.

-Why was Mario Yamasaki dressed like a magician last night?

-Chris O'Donnell did a PSA! He's still working!!!

-Ben Saunders win over Brandon Wolff was vicious, but it was not on Anderson Silva's level. It also wasn't on Wanderlei Silva's level, who was not even mentioned somehow.

-Razak Al-Hassan reminded me of the early days of the UFC when you'd see a guy enter the cage and you just knew it was going to end badly for him. Cantwell should be ashamed of himself for not knocking that guy's afro off. Rogan could have KO'd that guy and he's like two feet smaller than him. It was cool when he broke his arm. I felt no remorse for Al-Hassan because I picked him to win, despite not knowing a single thing about him.

-Why does Cantwell continue to use "The Robot" as his nickname? My Dad always refers to immobile quarterbacks as robots. Every time I see Cantwell I think of Vinny Testaverde getting shelled by a 300 pound lineman.

-As always, Maggie Hendricks is an idiot. There is a difference between a fighter being injured by an opponent or by a random act (like Corey Hill). Cantwell broke Al-Hassan's arm with a legal jiu-jitsu maneuver. He should not regret it at all. If Brandon Wolff would have started dancing around the Octagon when Hill's leg broke, it would be a different story. If this sort of thing bothers you, I suggest you cover another sport like ping pong or darts.

-Yoshida went with the Al-Hassan/Credeur striking method and never bothered to tuck his chin. It's pretty bad when Mike Goldberg is giving someone striking advice. Credeur gets away with it because he's an awkward fighter. Yoshida is just a stiff. (read more)

1.25 Million Buys

Manny Pacquiao's blistering TKO victory over Oscar De La Hoya took in at least 1.25 million PPV buys (total expected to rise with final tally). This makes it the third highest non-heavyweight fight and ninth highest overall. It's a staggering total which illuminates the potential of boxing when big fights come together. For a boxing match between a non-viable aging vet and a guy who barely even speaks English to rake in this much cash, it shows us that MMA remains a distant 2nd in terms of PPV revenue. (read more)

Huerta Is Back

Roger Huerta and the UFC have agreed on a new five fight contract. The two sides had been at each other's throats since Huerta spoke out against the company this summer. It did not help that he went on to lose his fight with Kenny Florian a week later. He has been rotting on the shelf since then with one fight left on his UFC contract. The UFC loves using this tactic with fighters they dislike.

At some point Huerta must have realized it was idiotic to continue being at war with the only viable MMA promotion who can afford him. He probably also saw how the UFC dealt with Jon Fitch and decided it was better to end this before he found himself unemployed. I'm glad Huerta is back. He's always fun to watch and should only get better. Fighting Florian was his first taste of the big time and even though he did not win, the experience will help him in the future. (read more)

Troops Preview

I don't think I could be less excited for an MMA event. There are two things that could make this worth watching: Wiman and Miller have an all-out brawl, Yoshida puts on a judo clinic and Koscheck is cut the next day. Other than that, I just don't see the draw. Oh well, here are my predictions.

Tim Credeur vs Nate Loughran
-Credeur Wins by 2nd Round Submission

Steve Cantwell vs Razak Al-Hassan
-I'm going with Al-Hassan in an upset. I have zero knowledge of him, but the fact Cantwell is such an overwhelming favorite (-350) makes me suspicious. Cantwell is an average fighter. Unless he was fighting a twelve year old girl with Multiple Sclerosis, I wouldn't list him as that much of a favorite. The UFC does not put twelve year old girl's with MS on main cards, so I'm thinking this guy might turn out to be better than expected. Al-Hassan Wins by 1st Round TKO.

Mike Swick vs Jonathan Goulet
-In another fight I could care less about, Swick and Goulet will finally get a chance to meet. Apparently they have been trying to fight each for some time, but like me no one really cared enough to book it. Goulet is overmatched in this one. I'm not sure why he campaigned so hard for the fight on the "web", as he calls it. Swick bores the hell out of me. I like how in his UFC profile it lists "Aggression" as one of his "Strengths". Who the hell put this thing together Maggie Hendricks from Yahoo!? Anyway, Swick Wins by Unanimous Decision.

Matt Wiman vs Jim Miller
-Finally a fight worth watching. Before reading any more, you should know I am a huge Miller believer, so this will be very biased. Wiman impressed lots of people with his knockout of Thiago Tavares in June. Tavares' stock has since fallen and that win isn't looking so great any more. On the feet, Wiman should have the edge. Miller can hold his own, but he does not have the type of striking that will scare Wiman. The biggest difference between the fighters is on the ground, where Miller excels. He's a submission machine and needs to take the fight to the mat to win. Whenever I look at two closely matched fighters, I almost always go with the fighter who has the bigger edge in one department. In this fight, Wiman has a decent edge in striking. On the ground, Miller takes it by a larger amount. I'm going with that logic. Either way it'll be the first time this event catches my attention. Miller Wins by 2nd Round Submission.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs Josh Koscheck
When I heard Koscheck planned on fighting twice in rapid fashion, my immediate thought was, "If he loses both, his UFC career is over." It just didn't strike me as a good idea. The fact he has to fight a slightly unknown commodity, who happens to be a judo expert, does not alleviate my concerns. There is also the ongoing problems between his handlers and the UFC over image licensing. He's facing a deep hole to climb out of and I don't think it's gonna happen. I expect him to go back to what he knows best and try to squeak out a decision against Yoshida. The problem he will run into is Yoshida will counter his wrestling with throws. To me the only thing more exciting than a knockout is seeing one fighter throw the other on his head. I wish more fighters took up judo because it is a pleasing style to watch. Koscheck will have his moments of laying on top and barely doing any damage, however, they will pale in comparison to the multiple times he lands on his head. Yoshida Wins by Unanimous Decision. UFC cuts Koscheck within a month. (read more)

ProElite Returns?

According to MMAJunkie, we might be seeing a resold and packaged EliteXC in 2009. It seems they have some serious bidders who intend to return the defunct promotion to action. Fighter agent Ken Pavia thinks it might happen in the first quarter of 09, which would be a ridiculous turnaround for a resurrection, unless Jesus Christ is installed as chief operator. EliteXC was run just about as poorly as you could run a MMA promotion. I gotta believe that is what would make bidders think they can turn it around and make a profit. I'll give credit to anyone if they actually buy it, because you gotta have guts (or misguided optimism) to think you can turn around a dead MMA promotion in this economic climate.

Now for the standard warning. Do not get your hopes up. It is in ProElite's best interest to make people think they are close to a sale. Pavia also isn't an innocent bystander. He has several fighters who are under contract with EliteXC and cannot fight until this mess gets cleaned up. By telling people there are multiple bidders and a sale is likely to happen this month, it could push a viable party to solidify their offer. (read more)

Bits and Pieces

-Golden Boy is trying quite hard to ruin Affliction's second PPV. First, they scheduled a marquee boxing match for the same night. Now, they have changed the venue from Las Vegas to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which is about 30 miles away from where "Day of Reckoning" will be held in Anaheim. Too bad Oscar didn't fight this ferocious against Manny.

-It's looking less likely that Couture/Liddell IV will take place in Germany this summer. I snuffed this one out almost immediately. Story looked too much like a plant to be true. The fact Liddell has not even been asked about it tells you it is not the priority some thought it was. I still find it funny the reason Couture is being considered such a lock to fight in Germany is because he was stationed there for a few years in the 80s. There's also a rumor Jon Fitch is being considered for the card because he took two semesters of German in college.

-Nate Diaz and Clay Guida will get their chance to fight on January 31 at UFC 94. The fight was supposed to be on the December 13th "Fight for the Troops" card, but a foot injury forced Guida to pull out. I'm glad they added this to the event. It was looking like a sequel of UFC 91 with a huge main event and not much else to fill things out.

-Babalu is in need of an opponent for Affliction "Day of Reckoning". They better come up with someone big because this PPV is looking more like a dud every time I think about it. Other than the main event, nothing else hooks the mainstream fan. Matt Lindland might be one of the top Middleweights in the world, but he is not a PPV draw by any stretch of the imagination. I just find it hard to believe this thing will be a ratings hit. I mean, Fedor isn't even doing promotional work for it. He's the only guy the media even wants to speak with and he's in Russia hiding from the cameras.

-Looks like Josh Koscheck might be nearing the end of his career in the UFC. Honestly, I would not miss him all that much. He's an excellent wrestler who never developed decent striking. That is the type of fighter I like the least in MMA. Nothing bores me more than watching someone turn a fight into a wrestling match. (read more)

Ultimate Fighter 8 Thoughts

I've remained mostly silent on this season because I can't stand when MMA sites spoil the episodes for fans. Here are my thoughts on the season.

-The pranks are boring. If I wanted to watch that crap, I'd buy some Punk'd DVDs. Get back to what made the show popular. Show the damn fighters training! Every time I saw Bader and Nog/Silva sparring, I sat up and watched intently. That stuff was great. Why didn't we see more of it? Why didn't we see Mir breaking down different jiu-jitsu techniques? Instead we get five straight minutes of Krzysztof bringing plates and chairs outside for a prank that wasn't even funny. This show will die soon, if they don't get back to basics.

-Dave Kaplan looks like a guy with terrible body odor.

-I hope they stick with the two weight class format in the future. There just aren't enough quality fighters to find 16 within one division. Young fighters have more opportunities now and being on the show isn't the once in a lifetime chance it used to be. Even with only 8 at each, this season's cast was very thin towards the bottom.

-Nogueira came off as the better coach. Mir seems like he doesn't have the coach gene. He has trouble communicating how to do things because in his mind he just does them naturally. A lot of successful athletes have the same problems when they enter into the coaching world. Nogueira seemed at home dealing with the younger fighters. It might have even helped reenergize a fighter who has spent a long time in the sport.

-The 2 Round "Sudden Victory" fight remains one of the dumbest concepts in any sport. The XFL's opening "Scramble" is a close second.

-Any one who reads a blog written by a TUF cast member should have their eyes removed and given to a blind person. You don't deserve them any more. (read more)

Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale

Here is the fight card for The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale on December 13. The big losers are definitely Krzysztof and Eliot Marshall. They get to fight in dark matches while Junie Browning and Dave Kaplan are on the main card. I'd be pretty pissed off about that.

Main Card
Phillipe Nover vs Efrain Escudero
Ryan Bader vs Vinicius Magalhaes
Jason MacDonald vs Wilson Gouveia
Kevin Burns vs Anthony Johnson
Junie Browning vs Dave Kaplan

Krzysztof Soszynski vs Shane Primm
Jules Bruchez vs Eliot Marshall
Kyle Kingsbury vs Tom Lawlor
Shane Nelson vs George Roop
Rolando Delgado vs John Polakowski (read more)

Torres Wins Easily

Miguel Torres continued his dominance with an easy 2nd Round TKO of Manny Tapia. Torres never appeared to be in trouble, as he controlled the action in the 1st Round then stepped up the pace to finish it in the 2nd.

WEC 37 Results
Manny Tapia vs Miguel Torres
-Torres Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Wagnney Fabiano vs Akitoshi Tamura
-Fabiano Wins by 3rd Rd Submission
Will Ribeiro vs Brian Bowles
-Bowles Wins by 3rd Round Submission
Danny Martinez vs Joseph Benavidez
-Benavidez Wins by Unanimous Decision
Justin Haskins vs Johny Hendricks
-Hendricks Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Mark Munoz vs Ricardo Barros
-Munoz Wins by 1st Rd TKO
Diego Nunes vs Cole Province
-Nunes Wins by Unanimous Decision
Alex Karalexis vs Bart Palaszewski
-Palaszewski Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Cub Swanson vs Hirouki Takaya
-Swanson Wins by Unanimous Decision
Shane Roller vs Mike Budnik
-Roller Wins by 1st Rd Submission (read more)

Blog Layoffs

I have received quite a few emails asking me about the layoffs at MMARated. Other than "Post more!" emails, this has been the number one topic in my Inbox. I can't say I have much firsthand knowledge of the situation other than what has been reported. Wasserman Media Group pays the bills for MMARated and they are feeling the financial pinch. They fired a bunch of people from their Sportnet division, which includes MMARated.

Running a blog is not as easy as most think. The problems come when it becomes a business. When blogs start worrying about their page views more than their content, they get into trouble. This happens again and again. You can tell a blog from a business simply by how the front page is designed. If you see abstracts of stories that require you to needlessly click for content, you are on a business site. They need those clicks to survive and will not hesitate to force their readers to click endlessly for content. And don't even get me started on giant ads taking up more space than the actual content.

When blogs started getting big a lot of people saw it as an opportunity to make easy money (specifically "media groups" who pool blogs together to sell ad space at higher rates). The problem was no one knew what a successful business plan looked like for a blog. Most places hired way too many employees and now we are seeing the cuts. Even a wildly successful blog like Gizmodo is getting butchered. The only thing I can really say is if you like reading a blog, support them. Tell your friends about it. Post their content on places like Digg and message boards you frequent. And of course, click on the ads. (read more)

Big Chance for Miller

Way back in July, a reader asked me what underrated fighters I thought would be a champion in the next three years. My answers were Michael Bisping and Jim Miller. Bisping is well on his way to a shot at the Middleweight Title and at Fight for the Troops on December 10th, Jim Miller will get a chance to take a major step forward. He will sub for the injured Frankie Edgar and face Matt Wiman. I was greatly looking forward to the Edgar/Wiman bout and am a little disappointed. However, the addition of Miller perked me right up. This is his chance to showcase his talents to a large audience and against a very solid opponent.

Wiman is coming off a spectacular knockout victory over Thiago Tavares. He's only 25 and has shown significant improvement since his stint on The Ultimate Fighter 5. Early in his career it seemed like he was missing a mean streak, but lately that has not been the case.

Miller is best known for his submissions. He is relentless on the ground and will often attempt a number of submissions before sinking in a finisher. The only part of his game that is lacking is his striking and that is largely due to his prowess on the ground. Over time his stand-up should develop into something for other fighters to fear. (read more)