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UFC Fights That Should Happen Now

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Monday, December 29, 2008, 23:04
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I enjoyed UFC 92 although only one of my picks panned out; Rashad Evans over Forrest Griffin.

I was disappointed in the Wanderlei Silva vs. Rampage Jackson fight as I was looking forward to a longer, knock down, drag out fight. I thought the Silva vs. Liddell fight was one of the best of the year and expected Silva to last longer. Liddell still has knock out power but apparently Rampage packs a harder punch

Since the year is now over, I was thinking of the next fights for some of these guys that makes sense. I’m sure Joe Silva is all over this but here’s the fights I want to see next.

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir: Hey, I didn’t say these picks were revolutionary. I also said these were the fights I want to see next. I wasn’t really looking forward to this fight until Mir fought Nog. Mir’s stand up game looked crisp and he seems like the next Couture the way he says he is obsessive with breaking down and game planning his opponent. Lesnar, as Mir already knows, is a best though and film can only do so much until the bull is charging at you. Sprawl Mir, sprawl.

Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans. This is probably the second easiest pick but again, this was not nearly the fight until UFC 92. Both have knock out power and want to be a movie star (have you seen Rampage’s truck and what Evan’s wears?). No one has been as dominant as Rashad since Liddell won 7 straight from ‘04 to ‘06. Evans is 13-0-1 since ‘o4 against quality competition.

Forrest Griffin vs. Wanderlei Silva. I still really like Wanderlei Silva contrary to Joe Rogan thinking a stiff breeze can knock him out now. Silva and Griffin both have a ton of heart, are tough as nails and have a lot of endurance. The best part for Silva is that Griffin hasn’t knocked anyone out in the UFC so this fight can go the distance. The best part for Griffin is that if Rogan is right, he has his best chance of knocking someone out fighting Silva.

Cheick Kongo vs. Randy Couture. Kongo is a very dangerous fighter but his ground game is lacking. He wants a title shot but I think he still has to prove himself against top competition. Who better than Captain America? This is also an interesting match up for Couture. Couture would have to get Kongo to the mat quickly but this is an interesting fight for me.

There it is. There are many more but those are the fights on my mind after watching UFC 92. Do you agree?

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