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Most Recent TUF Stars Not Tough Enough

Written by: mattm615

Saturday, December 6, 2008, 18:35
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After watching the recent UFC 92 preveiw videos on, I realized that this needs to be written.

I’m going to come out and say it, Dana White and UFC are full of shit when it comes to TUF.  In the newest video Dana says that these fighters from TUF are coming into their own.  I feel the need to correct him on that, THREE fighters are coming into their own; Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping. These three are the future of their divisions but i don’t get why people haven’t said anything about this.  I mean, everytime TUF is mentioned, you only hear those three names even in the most recent seasons when naming people who have made careers off TUF.  Would you like to know why?  Because TUF hasn’t put out a significant fighter since season three.  

Let’s take a look at some of the people who actually made it to the UFC after their season of TUF was over:

Season 4:

Patrick Cote- Beat MiddleWeight nobody Ricardo Almeida only to have his knees give out on him against Anderson Silva.  Don’t expect him to get another title shot in this lifetime.

Matt Serra- Beat Georges St. Pierre in a freak win only to be injured and then crushed by him in the 2nd round.  Matt Hughe’s plans on purchasing a new punching bag in April, his name is Matt Serra.

Travis Lutter-Won his first UFC fight by knockout and then preceded to lose to past their prime fighters.  He went on to win TUF 4 and was then crushed in his next two fights by Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin.

Rich Clementi- Pro douche bag who just got his ass beat by Gray Maynard.  Nuff said.

Season 5:

Nate Diaz- Beat Josh Neer and Manny Gamuriyan…..WHO?

Manny Gamburiyan- 2 and 2 in the UFC….lost to Nate Diaz in the TUF finale and hasnt had a significant fight in his career since.

Gray Maynard- You beat Rich Clementi…great, so has everyone in America…but you had a draw with one of the worst guys on your season in Rob Emerson.  Who draws with Rob Emerson!?

Season 6:

Ben Saunders- Didn’t make it in TUF and was invited back to the UFC as a 2nd rate undercard nobody.  Good for you.

Mac Danzig- Won the ultimate fighter and went on to be crushed bt Clay Guida.  He hasnt fough since then.

Season 7:

What can i say about this season?  I don’t think I’ve given these guys enough time, but so far….

Dbag Dollaway- Tapped out twice to the same guy in the semi’s, bitched about it, and beat the house dumbass who drinks too much.  He somehow gets his fight placed higher than Rampage and Silva on the UFC 92 card.  Haha!  More power to yah bro, being a douche works for yah…but you’re still a failure.

Amir Sodallah- Won TUF………and ummm…..he did the oh wait that was somebody else…um….aw hell he won TUF right!

Matt Brown-  Season 7 tough guy proved to be just a Middleweight punching bag.  Now he’s at Welterweight…..hope that works out for ya buddy.

Dan Kramer- What is he doing in the UFC?   Seriously, he has a fight coming up but he didn’t do anything.  He didn’t beat anybody on that show who was any good.  The only more ridiculous thing is……

Cale Yarborough- What the fuck?  OK, he lost.   He got his ass beat by Dollaway becaue he sucked.  He barley won his fight to get on the show, lost, and then fought Tim Creduer and lost in the finale and was invited back.

Tim Creduer- Talked up his BJJ and stand up only to be dominated by Jesse Taylor without even attempting to use either one…then beat cale yarborough and nobdy else.

Jesse Taylor- Made an ass of himself, got a second chance, and blew that.  He hasn’t fought since.

Lord knows what kind of “superstars” we’ll get from this season.

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6 Responses to “Most Recent TUF Stars Not Tough Enough”

  1. Al725 said on Sunday, December 7, 2008, 23:49

    At least Jumi Browning won’t be one of them. The guy who got the most publicity this season proved to be a horrible fighter. I do think that Philipe guy has some potential. I hope he wins the light weight contract.

  2. Isidro "Izi" Garcia said on Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 16:05

    Phillipe Nover is going to be big in the UFC, and so is Vinny but he needs to improve his standup alittle bit more. Im a 2nd degree blackbelt in TKD, a brown belt in BJJ, and training in Muy Thai and i see alot in Phillipe, Effraine, and VInny….and mattm615 are you in any kind of martial arts? because if your not then your a big talker for someone who has never had a fight in his life, and i dont mean a pansy street fight, i mean a fight where your actually fighting a trained guy who is advanced in the sport of mma

  3. mattm615 said on Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 20:41

    im not trained in any of those things but i can say that i probably know more about what you train in than you do and by the way that Tai Kwon Do isnt gonna do shit for you in MMA its like that whole budist palm 90’s craze where every suburban couple sent there kid to an expensive little school in the mall so they would think there learning martial arts and then they go to school and start high fiving people in the chest with there “Martial Arts” and somebody looks down at them like there stupid and they get destroyed thats what TKD is its something you do to show off to your freinds i actually took classes for that and by the 6th week i asked somebody who had been going there for years and he was a black belt he said that “TKD is basically a fucking party trick dude”

  4. mattm615 said on Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 20:42

    give me one succesfull fighter in mma who uses tai kwon do and dont say lyoto machida i hate when people try to do that its fucking muy thai he even says so.

  5. Cyrus said on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 22:42

    Are you serious?
    Lets not forget that Gray Maynard also beat Frankie Edgar. The same Frankie Edgar who beat Hermes Franca, Spencer Fisher, and Tyson Griffin. I bet you intentionally left out that fight huh.
    Also he didnt draw with Rob Emerson… It was ruled no contest. Big difference.

    TUF has only been over for 18 months. TUF 6 only a year. Everyone know the UFC brings TUF fighters along slow but Diaz has already headlined an ultimate fight night so he will start getting the cream of the crop real soon. THEN we will know what he is made of.

  6. Al725 said on Sunday, December 14, 2008, 21:43

    Hey.I’am also a Tai Kwon Do blackbelt and I do agree that most of what is taught in Tai Kwon Do is useless in a real fight.However, being experienced in Tai Kwon Do opens the doors to all striking martial arts and the transition to Muy Thai is pretty easy.And there are quite a few fighters who started out with Tai Kwon Do and are now awesome. GSP is one of them.

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